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Plenty of Blues

by The Roustabouts

Released 2017
Released 2017
DC's Finest Blues-Fiddle Band offers a dynamic, genre-bending mix of blues, rock, soul and funk with a unique fiddle-infused sound.
Check out a few tracks from our debut album and then head over to CD Baby and get it for yourself!
Founded in 2004, The Roustabouts offer roots-music lovers a fresh take on the blues, providing an exciting mix of original music, all with a dynamic lead fiddle. Plenty of Blues, our debut album, is a journey through various musical styles, from Chicago Blues to New Orleans Funk to Memphis Soul to St. Louis Rock and Roll—this band will not be stereotyped! Over the years there's been one prevailing constant: we give it our all, every time, and we aim to please... so experience the sound that has kept this band in demand for more than ten years running.

The Roustabouts feature the fiddlin’ fingers of Pete Daniels and the soulful vocals of Andrew Wiley, with veteran musician Jeff Muller on bass, jack-of-all-trades Dan Shine on guitar, and the steady rhythm of Phil Bucci on drums. The band brings a dedicated quality to their carefully crafted sound and offers a fresh perspective on the blues. Dynamic performances and exciting arrangements engage audiences and fellow musicians alike with an intense, soul-saturated roller coaster ride of raw blues emotion. So check it out and get in the groove!

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  • January 25, 2020
    JVs Restaurant, Falls Church, VA
  • February 1, 2020
    Solly's Tavern, Washington, DC

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